Monday, May 11, 2009

Fletcher: Two months (and a bit)

Ok, more like ten weeks, but who's counting? Either way, it's still hard to believe my little guy is already two and a half months old. I have to ask again, where does the time go?

Fletch is grand and growing like a weed. He is a skinny boy, but I think that's mostly because he's long (tall?) and we just can't fatten him up fast enough to keep up. He is outgrowing clothes already (!!) but it's funny because they are clothes which he never filled out around the middle but which are too short. If they have feet on them, he can't straighten his legs but has room for an entire pillow to be stuffed around his tummy. It makes me sad though, to already have to set aside some of those teeny tiny outfits that I love so much. My favorite bear suit may only have one more wearing left. (Which I suppose is ok anyway, considering it's May now and he prolly doesn't need to be quite so bundled up!)

I got nervous for a while and tried to feed him extra, but to no avail. At his two-month doctor appointment Fletch was in the 15th percentile for weight and the 85th for height. Dr. Matt says not to worry and that he is likely just destined to be a tall, skinny kid. Who ever would have thought any child of mine would be both tall and thin? At his one month he was about 8 pounds, at the two month around 10, and I'd bet he's already at 11 by now. And 24 inches long! He's no longer my tiny burrito.

OMG, my whole life is going to be like this now, isn't it? One milestone after another and at some point I'm going to have to let him out of the house alone, aren't I?

People keep asking if he's sleeping through the night...I don't even know what that means anymore. The books classify it as a 5-6 hour stretch at night, which, NO, we are not doing. Sometimes we get a 4 hour stretch without having to feed him at night, but that's not often. He's still eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours around the clock but it's gotten easier to live my life around that schedule. Plus I have gotten better at dozing/napping when I feed him at night, so in all I am feeling pretty well rested.

We also had Fletch's first round of vaccinations at his last appointment. He did a great job! I was all prepared for an unhappy baby the whole day, but he hardly even cried. Mr. Fantastic helped hold him while two nurses gave him simultaneous shots. He cried briefly but calmed down right away when they handed him back to me and I gave him a bottle with some sugar water. As a matter of fact, I cried harder and longer than he did! What a trooper.

Fletcher smiles all the time now - it's hard to catch it on camera still, but we did get a great video a few weeks ago.

As you can see, he continues to be the Cutest. Baby. Ever. More photographic evidence here. In addition to the smiling, he also laughs all the time - one of my favorite things ever is when I am feeding him, and he's all peaceful and sucking away with his eyes closed, and then he will pause - eyes still closed - and start laughing around his mouth full of boob. I wonder what's going through his little baby head to make him laugh so. I would video it for you but again, it would require showing you more of my clown porn boobs than I'd like.

He's also started "talking" in earnest. When we get up in the morning, he's particularly chatty and we have long conversations that involve him laughing like a fiend as I repeat his gurgles back to him. Also, he has inherited my laugh-snort. It is spectacularly adorable.

Peanut: Grr?
Me: Grr!
Peanut: heeheehee!...Ghee?
Me: Ghee!
Peanut: heeheeheeSNORT!
Me: *heart melts*

We had a lovely Mother's Day and I got a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at my favorite place from Fletch (he had a little help from Daddy picking it out.)

Being a mom is the best thing I've ever done in my life. Here are some reasons why: