Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 30 of the JellyBean Progression

4/26 Week 30
TMI ALERT: Well, hello, ANGRY LADYPARTS, my old nemesis. I had hoped not to see you this pregnancy. Alas, it looks like I’m going to have to attempt to foil you with judicious application of swimming, hot baths and Tylenol. Curses.

This week JellyBean is around 15.7 inches long and about 3 pounds and she is working on eyesight some more – although babies are only born with about 20/400 vision. Supposedly I should be feeling more clumsy, although I don’t really think it’s possible for me to feel or get any more clumsy than I already am.

Having a 3 pound squirming human inside you, while magical and miraculous blah blah blah, is also darned uncomfortable. I can’t breathe anymore and can’t eat very much at once because the baby has dibs on all the real estate. And I am totally uncomfortable sleeping now so I am feeling pretty tired these days. Plus, we have circled back to having to pee all the time, however now it’s due to the baby sitting on my bladder and not hormones.

Had another doctor visit this morning. I am now measuring 28 cm, which is about two weeks behind – despite the fact that I gained a couple more pounds and am now tipping the scales at 170. So I’m supposed to go in for a growth ultrasound in two weeks. I think maybe Dr. O just likes the growth ultrasound, because I had to do it with Fletch too, although that was because she thought I was too big. Anyway, yay, another chance to see my perfectly normal, healthy baby, which is always nice.

I also had a concern because last week Fletch jumped on me when I was laying in bed and his hand (and all his weight) landed on my belly right around where JellyBean’s head is. It hurt something awful – made me cry – but the baby has been moving fine ever since so I haven’t been terribly worried. But I had some slight concern because I still have a sore spot right where Fletch’s hand went. Dr. O did a quickie ultrasound and said everything looks fine and she’s not worried. Of course, then she ordered me in for the growth ultrasound, so who knows. She said it’s really hard to hurt the baby with external trauma to the belly due to all the fat, muscle and fluid protecting her and that the thing you have to worry about is actually disrupting the placenta. Fortunately, mine’s around back so nothing to worry about there.

I asked her about the ANGRY LADYPARTS and she said it’s normal (as she did last time) and that really there’s not a whole lot you can do aside from what I’m already doing. I have resigned myself to unhappy pants for the next ten weeks. (Note to self: use heat, not ice, as we learned last time around.)

Speaking of which, TEN WEEKS left! Aack! It’s coming up so fast. It’s already Spring and almost May – July will be here in no time. I have already made the switch from being freezing cold all the time to being hot all the time, so hooray, can’t wait for summer to get here and make me even hotter. Blecch. I have to go find some maternity shorts or capris to wear because everything I have now is long pants and I don’t need to sweat any more than I already am.