Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 11 of the JellyBean Progression: Continued

Still Week 11
We told the family this weekend! Dad, JT & Sherry came over for dinner on Friday and were very pleased to find out. We had been trying to plan a trip to Vegas for all of us in the Spring and I was bummed to tell them we won’t be going. I know I could go to Vegas but honestly, after going when I was pregnant with Fletch, it’s definitely one of the last vacations I would pick to go on while pregnant. Can’t drink and wanting to be in bed by 8 pm means I wouldn’t really get much out of the trip. Especially since I’m not much of a gambler either. We’ll all just have to plan another trip, maybe for later next year.

Told all the Farleys on Saturday night and they were just as thrilled. As I expected, Katie and Kathy had their suspicions but were just waiting for us to announce it. I know Kathy is excited to have another grandbaby to add to her flock.

Also told the Clark girls at the brunch at Ginger’s on Saturday morning. Also as expected, that announcement got the biggest reaction. Heidi and I had discussed how to tell them and decided that I would make a toast, thanking Ginger and saying how nice it was to see everyone and here’s to a healthy baby in July.

It was really funny to watch the reactions – everybody just looked confused for a minute and then there was an explosion of exclamations. Hayley especially was so excited and happy for me – she was shaking when she hugged me. I love that they love me so much.

So, phew. Cat’s finally out of the bag with family. Now I need to tell work but am trying to decide when the best time is. With the holidays it’s hard to find a good time to schedule a call with my boss. I may just wait until next week.

Had my first trimester screening at Platte River Perinatal this morning, which included an ultrasound so I got to see little JellyBean. I remember from my last pregnancy around this time feeling like there’s nothing happening – you’re not showing, you can’t feel the baby moving – and like last time, I have this tiny little worried feeling like maybe something’s wrong. No reason for it, I feel great; I’m sure every pregnant woman goes through this.

Anyway, it was nice and reassuring to see the ultrasound today. The heartbeat was fluttering away – 155 BPM (and the old wives’ tale is that anything over 140 means girl!), and JellyBean was hopping around in there, happy as a clam. Since I’m 37, I’m considered higher-risk than younger women but they were careful to tell me that I’m not an actual high-risk pregnancy. However, initial test results look good, although they also did a blood test which we’ll get results of in a few days, but initially they said everything looks great. And I have to go back again in a month where they’ll do another blood test and I can ask them to do a “gender peek” while I’m there. Can’t wait to find out who our little JellyBean is going to be!