Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 19 of the JellyBean Progression

Week 19
Not a lot new going on. Just eating a ton and trying to keep up with little JellyBean – who is not so little anymore! I’m finally definitely showing, and the baby is about 8 ½ oz and 6 inches long – bigger than a bell pepper.

Been feeling some little flutters in there the last couple weeks, and the last day or two I’ve really been feeling it. Also feeling pretty good, aside from hungry all the time. Just a little tired and thankfully haven’t been sick again. I think Mr. Fantastic and Fletch may be coming down with something, though. Let’s hope it’s not too awful like last time! At least Mr. F escaped the strep-plague we had back over New Year's.

We’ve had tons of snow lately and it’s been super cold – below 0 during the day. So we haven’t gotten out a whole lot but we have been trying to spend time with Heidi and Brody, either at our house or theirs just to get the boys some play time. Poor Fletch keeps asking to go to the park. We feel so bad when we have to say no but it’s hard to do when there’s a foot of snow!

Looking forward to next week’s appointment for the anatomy scan. Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll see for sure if JellyBean is a boy or girl – and then we can start thinking about names! (God love you, Mr. F, I’m sure your grandma was a fabulous woman. But we are not naming our baby Wilma. Much as I loved my gram, I am not naming any kid Juanita either.)

Last night Fletch fell asleep across my belly and I guess JellyBean could feel the weight or the warmth or something because s/he was going crazy in there, bumping against him. It was kinda sweet. I forgot how amazing it feels when you really start to notice that you have a living person growing inside you. I sure hope my little ones are always two peas in a pod.