Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 28 of the JellyBean Progression

Week 28
Well. Just after last time I got super sick – horrible chest cold that Fletch got also. We are both finally better but now Mr. Fantastic has it, so we are all still living in plagueville. Blecch.

Aside from some lingering stuffy nose, I feel pretty good. Have noticed a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions when I am on my feet too long or doing too much around the house. When I feel it I say, “JellyBean says it’s time to sit down!” and I put my feet up and have a glass of water. Of course, with Mr. F sick, that means not a whole lot is getting done around the house – seems like we constantly have dishes and laundry piled up.

Saw Dr. O this week. Visit went fine – for all of last week I did the self blood checks 4x a day and gave her the numbers. She was very pleased to see I had done it proactively and all my numbers looked great so she doesn’t feel like I need to do anything else. Yay! I was getting tired of the finger sticks and it was only a week. I had to do it for so much longer with Fletch.

Haven’t had an ultrasound since the 20 week, which is different from Fletch too. With him, I was measuring a little big – maybe 3cm, but that combined with Dr. O’s unfounded concern that I might have had gestational diabetes led them to do more ultrasounds than usual to check for baby’s size. One of the things with GD is that the baby grows too big too fast, so they wanted to keep an eye on his size.

Of course, Fletch ended up weighing less than 8 pounds at birth so they really were worried about nothing – but it did mean I got to see him on ultrasound all the time. So at my appointment this week, I just told her I was sort of concerned since I had been sick and taking cough medicine and everything and she was like, no problem! We’ll take a look!

So that was nice and I got to see little JellyBean moving around. I haven’t been feeling her nearly as much as I did with Fletch – he was a raging rock star by this time. JellyBean hasn’t seemed as active, but it turns out that’s because she’s been sitting breech. Her head is up to my right and her butt is at the bottom and she’s kinda tilted but facing forward. So that’s why it’s been hard for anyone else to feel her from the outside, because of where the feet and hands are, I mostly just feel it way low on the inside.

So now I am just hoping she flips herself around before b-day because I would like ONE of my children to cooperate during birth and do it like they’re supposed to. I don’t think doctors will even attempt to deliver a breech baby vaginally anymore and I really don’t want a c-section.

This week JellyBean weighs around 2 ¼ pounds and is 14-15 inches long. (Just like a Chinese cabbage, which I had no idea what one was until I Googled and it turns out to be something I have seen before! It’s also called bok choi which is funny that that’s the name I know.) She is practicing blinking, growing neurons, adding fat and already has her eyelashes. I hope they look like Fletch’s.

I’ve gained 18 pounds so far – sure hoping I don’t gain a pound a week from here out like they suggest. It was easy to lose the weight after Fletch – breastfeeding really helped with that – but I’m still nervous about any weight gain at all. I’m sure it will be fine. I’m still 10 pounds behind what I weighed this week with Fletch so Dr. O says to quit worrying about it.

We switch now to visits every two weeks instead of once a month – that means the end is nearing. Can’t believe we’re going to have another little one so soon.

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