Friday, December 3, 2010

Week 9 of the JellyBean Progression: Continued

Still Week 9
Bleargh. Am having food aversion in full swing. Same as last time, I am STARVING – my tummy is actually rumbling and I can’t eat anything because the minute something goes in my mouth, it makes me want to barf. Or if I can manage to keep something down, it feels like a cannonball for the next hour. Ugh. Why do my babies always hate me? At least this time I’m not quite as pimply. But the peeing, bloating and gassiness are just the same.

And I remember being tired last time but I don’t know if I was THIS tired. I’ve only been up for three hours and I could totally go back to bed again already. Must have something to do with chasing after a spirited toddler (who will be TWO in February, OMG.)