Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 25 of the JellyBean Progression

Week 25
Funny, last week the doc said I was measuring 3 cm big and it was nothing to worry about. But with Fletch, by week 25 I was also measuring 3 cm big and they decided to do a growth ultrasound just to check on his size. I wonder why they were concerned last time and not this time? Maybe not this time because it turned out to be nothing last time. But of course now I wish I had the chance for another ultrasound because I want to see JellyBean again!

So this week, JB should be around a pound and a half and 13 ½ inches long. She certainly feels bigger! (The website compares her to the average rutabaga…which is so helpful because we are all so familiar with rutabagas. I think possibly the rutabaga is the Brazil nut of vegetables.)

 She has really been moving around a lot, and finally this weekend Mr. Fantastic was able to feel her kick. I was going to bed and he came to say goodnight and I told him JellyBean had been really ruckin’ around and he might be able to feel her. So he put his hand on my belly and we waited a minute and sure enough, she gave him a good kick. And we both looked at each other like, “Hee! Did you feel that?!” Now I can’t wait to have Fletch feel it too.

Also this week, JellyBean is starting to get some baby fat and growing hair. (Or, NOT growing hair if she’s anything like her bald big brother who had hardly any hair to speak of for the first 6 months and then a natural mohawk for the next.)

From Twitter 03-21-2011

  • 06:34:00: Mr. Fantastic got to feel JellyBean kick for the first time last night. It's going so fast!
  • 07:58:23: LOL...a quote from EW.com this week: "Wait, the brontosaurus isn't real? Oh, cruel Science, wasn't it bad enough when you stole Pluto?"
  • 21:33:10: Mr. Fantastic rules...just brought me ice cream in bed. Yum!

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