Friday, April 1, 2011

From Twitter 03-31-2011

  • 07:08:56: RT @kellyoxford: Jealousy is something you're good at when you think you suck at everything.
  • 07:17:27: A quintessence of dust: Roger Ebert Who knew he was thinky about stuff besides movies? Like the immensity of the universe
  • 07:40:38: It's disconcerting when your toddler runs up to you shouting "Bugs, Mommy, bugs!" Thank goodness he was talking about the picture on the DVD
  • 19:31:51: Ugh. Baby boy caught a bug from his cousin when we babysat her this week. If she's sick, don't bring her over & get our kid sick too!
  • 21:27:34: Hormonal pregnant women should NOT be watching tonight's Grey's Anatomy. *sob*

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