Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project: Diet Coke Abatement

We are now two weeks in to Project: Diet Coke Abatement. So far, so good! It hasn’t been too difficult, but maybe that’s because I’m allowing myself one a day instead of going cold turkey.

I think the key has been not to have my one allowed with breakfast. Because if I have it with breakfast, then I know I don’t get anymore the rest of the day and then I get all antsy about it. But if I wait, I feel much more relaxed knowing I can have it any time – and often I end up not having it at all!

Still not sure about giving it up altogether – I have a whole case out in the garage that needs drinkin’. But maybe once I run out of that I’ll wait and see how I do before I buy any more.

Plus, perhaps it’s a coincidence but I’ve lost two pounds since I started this. Not sure that I’ve really seen much difference in my health otherwise besides a general feeling-better. That could be all mental, but whatever works!

Monday, June 25, 2012


A particularly large, Jurassic Park-looking dragonfly got into the house today. I very calmly called for Mr. Fantastic to come get it as it sat on the ceiling. As Mr. F was getting the broom, the dragonfly started to get agitated and bounce around some, so then I started making EEK noises and calling a little more urgently for Mr. F.

And then the dragonfly got REALLY agitated and CAME AT ME BRO, probably because the window was right behind me but at the time it seemed like it wanted to eat my face.

As it was crashing around the kitchen trying to find a way out and/or eat my face, this dragonfly was going BUZZ THUNK BUZZ THUNK which was not the same harmless little bzz tap noise you get with a chubby fly.

So then I leapt from my chair, screaming and flailing, and ran from the kitchen while Mr. F shooed the dragonfly out the window. All while my one- and three-year-old kids were watching from downstairs. Possibly not my best moment as a role model, but I don’t think Mr. F has ever seen me run so fast.