Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 16 of the JellyBean Progression

Week 16
Had my follow up visit at Platte River today. Just a blood draw and a super quick ultrasound just to see if we could tell gender yet. No guarantees, but they’re leaning toward girl! Mostly because they could see no evidence of any dangly bits.

Looks like we’re gearing up for a growth spurt – right now JellyBean's the size of an avocado and weighs about 3.5 oz, but in the next few weeks will be doubling in weight and adding inches to length too.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 15 of the JellyBean Progression

Week 15
Hoo boy, I do not know what is going on with me. Maybe it’s part recovering from being sick, maybe it’s part JellyBean doing a lot of growing , but the last few days I have been starving. Like needing to eat a sandwich every two hours and still feeling like snacking in between. Yikes. The scale still isn’t moving much though, so I’m not too worried. I think to date I’ve gained less than 5 pounds. However, it’s hard to keep up with my metabolism. I’ll eat until I’m full and then two hours later start feeling a major sugar low is coming on, which means I need to eat again. I remember feeling this way with Fletch, too, so it’s par for the course.

JellyBean’s about the size of an apple now, weighing around 2 ½ ounces. Hopefully I will start feeling movement next week – that’s always so exciting. And we have two doctor visits next week. One is my usual monthly check up and the other the follow up to the first trimester screening I did a few weeks ago. Hopefully JellyBean will cooperate and we will be able to see the gender!

Thank heavens we are over the plague – poor Fletchie was not a happy camper. But we are feeling much more ourselves now and have stopped quarantine. Fletch really missed Brody and asked for him a lot while we were locked up trying not to spread plague. We had some great snow early in the week so Heidi and Brody came over to go sledding with us. It was a lot of fun but cold so we didn’t stay out very long.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Week 14 of the JellyBean Progression

Week 14
Things were busy and fun over the holidays, with the added bonus that somewhere in there, I got strep and Fletch got strep, an ear infection, pink eye and diarrhea to go along with the cough/cold/general plague he was already working on. Needless to say, things have not been pretty around here. Mr. Fantastic has been a trooper so far but I think he may be starting to succumb to the combined plague of his wife and child.

Fletch and I both saw our doctors yesterday and are on antibiotics, plus Fletch gets eye drops also. Hopefully we’re both on the mend and maybe daddy won’t get as sick as the two of us. You should see the poor kid – he’s a walking disaster and just looks so terrible. He’s not sleeping much, so his eyes are all puffy, plus red and crusty from the infection, and he’s sneezing and covered in snot all the time. Nevertheless, he is still a joy to behold. :)

Despite being plague-ridden, otherwise I’m doing pretty well. Still really tired but that may be due more to the plague than to being pregnant. Been able to eat okay lately, although being sick lost me a few pounds again. JellyBean’s about the size of a lemon now – so hard to believe something that big is in there and I can’t feel it. It should still be at least another couple of weeks at the earliest before I start feeling movement. My pants are definitely uncomfortable now and I’ve gotten out all the maternity clothes to see what I’ve got. Unfortunately, most of the pants I have are for when I’m MUCH bigger. I’m going to have to dig around and see if I’ve got some jeans up a size or two hiding somewhere that might work.

God, there are days – even days like today, with his crusty, puffy, sticky little face – when I look at Fletch and my heart just clenches and swells with pride and love. And then I think, oh boy, I get to have another one of these?! How did we get so lucky? Whether JellyBean is a boy or a girl, it won’t matter because he or she will be ours – that we made! And grew and bore and have the opportunity to teach and love every day.