Friday, April 13, 2007

Bored bored bored but feeling good.

Le sigh. I am bored. I'm tired of books, magazines, t.v., music, and walking.

In other news, I am feeling pretty good, and seem to be healing up quite nicely. The mark on my neck appears to be getting better, although now giant chunks of flesh are flaking off disgustingly. I want to loofah it or something but it still hurts too much. I'll put up a new picture when I can get Mr. F to take one.

Speaking of Mr., has he impressed me through this whole thing. I mean aside from in general being supportive and hanging with me at the hospital every night and fetching and carrying for me without complaint, he's just been so...I don't even know how to explain it. He's been helping me with all the gross stuff, like changing my dressings and stuff and he's so gentle and caring. He makes me lay down so he can take everything off and clean up and he's so careful pulling the tape off and makes sure there's no leftover adhesive. Watching him so focused, gently dabbing at me with a cotton ball...well, I've just never really had occasion to see him like this before. It's amazing. I'm so self-sufficient, always the one taking care of things, including myself, and it makes me realize I ought to give him more opportunity to do things for me.

What else...oh, I'm now allowed to eat certain solid foods! 1 oz every two hours of cottage cheese, refried beans, pudding or yougurt. I still have to keep up with my protein drinks and water, but this is supposed to help Tiny Tummy slowly adjust to digesting things. It's like starting me on baby food. The good news is, I love all those foods and am very happy to have my 1 oz, although, it took me an hour to eat an ounce of cottage cheese yesterday. Anyway, hooray solids!

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