Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brother update

Things have been looking up over the last couple of days. My brother seems to be improving and they are now reasonably certain it's not the scary SJS I mentioned in my last post. That's a big sigh of relief. He's still in hospital, but they may let him out tomorrow or the next day. The skin thing is still happening. Literally all over him, including inside his nose and ears and such. It has been apparently a very interesting case, as he's had all kinds of people in to look at him. His case has been presented at at least two recent conferences and groups of med students keep coming by to have him presented as well.

I forgot to mention The Doogies. When my brother was first checked in to the ICU, he was assigned to three FOB residents. I swear to god, none of these boys can even grow facial hair yet. They're BABIES! They're all three fresh-faced darlings with fauxhawks and funky glasses and squeaky voices. As precious and young and sweet as they are, I still don't know which one is which, since they travel in a pack. So I've taken to calling them collectively The Doogies. As in, "Have The Doogies been by today?" The nurses all assure me that these are the guys you want working on you, since they're fresh out of school they've got all the latest knowledge and technology and such. I suppose that's true, but still...Doogie Howser to the last man.

As noted by pru, it's time again for the Nekkid French Rugby Team! I think we'll call this today's les petit joies (only not so petit...).

And for today's enuuis petits, how about the woman I work with who asked me a question last week to which the short answer was No, and the long answer was No, but you could appeal to Vice President X for permission but I can't do anything until I get his approval in writing. Both of which I told her and her team multiple times via e-mail and phone last week. She still felt it necessary to schedule a ONE HOUR conference call today to "discuss the issue." So I dutifully called in and she asked me the same question again, to which I gave the long answer and then said that no, seriously, there really ISN'T anything else you or I can do. Total time of the call? 8 minutes, including time spent waiting for everyone to dial in. I suppose the upshot is that I got 52 minutes of my life back. Still. *stabbity*

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