Wednesday, October 10, 2007

State of the... you know

Had my 6-month follow-up for my bariatriac surgery today. Hard to believe it's already been six months since I had the surgery. So far I've lost about 70 pounds, which is over halfway to my goal of losing 135. Peter (who is actually the assistant surgeon) is very pleased with my progress. I was worried that it's too slow but he said yes, it's slow, but that's the best way to do it and stay healthy and give my skin the opportunity to bounce back. Anyhoo, he said they're only looking for me to be 75-80% of the way by a year, so I've got six months to lose about another 31-38 lbs. Seems quite doable.

He looked at my scars and said they're really looking good although probably will stay a little purple for another three months. He also said that right now my hormones are all crazy and I'm really fertile so birth control is very important the next six months. (In fact, Peter said to tell hubby to "double bag it" which cracked me up to no end.) Anyway, I've been on the patch and he gave me leave to go back on the Pill, which will make me happy since I find the patch itchy. Guess I need to make an appt with my gyno in the near future too, to see what the PCOS is doing and if it's resolved itself.

So, things for me healthwise are really great. I feel fantastic, and while my hair is falling out like crazy, I think I'm looking pretty good. And now that my brother seems to be getting out of the woods, I'll have some more time to start going back to the gym. Speaking of my brother...

Some of you have asked for news about him. I realize I haven't posted about him in a while, but rest assured - no news is good news. He is doing great. He started his second round of chemo on Monday, so he'll take the pills every night this week through Friday, and then be done until next month. He's handled the chemo pretty well, just had some nausea and fatigue but nothing debilitating.

He's still having the skin issues, but it's vastly improved from before. Mostly just looks like sunburn or dandruff now. Not like it was. The doctor reminded him that there's seven layers to your skin and ALL of it is coming off so it's going to take a while as each layer works its way to the surface.

He's been going back in to the office for about a half day for a few days a week the past couple of weeks. Hasn't been doing too much work per se, but is doing bits here and there and just getting used to being up and about again. Some buddies of his flew in from California this weekend to play poker and watch football, which I think he really enoyed, although it pretty much wiped him out.

All in all, he's progressing really well and I'm very encouraged by how great he's doing.

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