Thursday, May 22, 2008


Stay away from me if you don't want to get knocked up! Apparently I am harboring some sort of pregnancy-inducing virus that only I am immune to. Because EVERYONE I KNOW? IS PREGNANT. Seriously, even males of my acquaintance should start steering clear, just in case.

Today I got a call from my cousin H3...turns out, she's pregnant too! Kisses and congratulations to her and Mr. H3...I'm so excited for them. ♥ And wouldn't it be so cool if I could manage to get myself sprogged relatively soon so that we can be preggers together? Eee! C'mon, body, get with the program! *shakes fist*

Oh! And I forgot to mention previously that my friend Michelle just had her second baby on Tuesday - a little girl named Morgan Paige. Aww. Now can I have one of my own?

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