Monday, June 23, 2008


I've been fretting over when to tell people. We already told my dad and brothers and are figuring to tell Mr. Fantastic's mom and sister when we go to Vegas next week. (They'll prolly figure it out anyway, when I don't have a pina colada at the pool, so.)

I was wanting to wait until three months to tell anyone besides our immediate family but I accidentally screwed that up when I had all my girl cousins over for happy hour to celebrate my birthday. I knew I was walking thin ice anyway since I wouldn't be drinking, but I thought maybe I could get away with having iced tea in a glass and not prompt too many questions.

I had my camera out and we were taking pictures and next thing I know, two of my cousins were looking through the stored photos and came across the one Mr. F took of me holding the pregnancy test the day we found out. I had totally forgotten it was on there or I never would have left my camera out. Oops!

So I was in the kitchen and as I'm walking back out to the living room, one of them calls out, asking if I'm pregnant. I stopped in my tracks, all these thoughts running through my head, but mostly, How did they figure it out?! and What kind of evidence do they have? and Holy crap, I wasn't prepared for this! And then I saw them holding the camera and immediately figured out what had happened. Busted. I had no idea what to say and ultimately went with a tentative and stunned "Ah...uh...yes?"

Well, a great cheer went up and they were all hugely excited for me and of course I'm so glad especially that Heidi knows now so we can go through it together. And bonus, since she's two months ahead of me, she can tell me what to expect better than my books can!

I still have a few friends that I mainly see for events like happy hour, all of whom have requested to meet up in the next couple weeks - I guess I'll need to let them in on it as well. I feel very vaguely that I'm letting them down since I can't be their drinking buddy anymore. I know that's silly - I can still see them, still hang out, I'll just be having juice. I know everyone will just be happy for me - I think it's more the realization that wow, my life and my lifestyle is already changing and we haven't even heard the baby's heart beat yet!

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