Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vegas! Zzzz...

So we just got back from Vegas with a bunch of family. It was pretty fun - we ate at some restaurants I really like and I spent some quality time at the pool. But wow, is Vegas a different place when you're not drinking.

Not to mention, I was a complete wet blanket and was so exhausted I had to go bed by like 10pm every night. Considering how I was feeling and being less than two months in, I was surprised to see so many women like a trillion months pregnant while we were there.

With the being tired and having to pee every five minutes, I don't think I'd ever choose Vegas as a getaway to take whilst pregnant if we hadn't already had the trip planned and paid for before we found out.

Also, naturally, as I'd predicted, my sister-in-law sussed I had some news to tell at dinner when I declined to have any wine. I'd figured either she or my mother-in-law would see that I wasn't drinking and immediately guess. It was pretty funny, I said no to the wine and she said, kind of joking, "Do you have something you need to tell everyone?..." and I said, "Well...yes!" and everyone got all excited and clapped and it was really kind of fun. I was sort of nervous about making a big ol' announcement but everyone was so pleased for us that I didn't mind.

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