Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I had a half a PBJ today and noticed that the grape jelly seemed different. This is because it was grape jam. I liked it more than jelly, I guess because of the texture - it was more spread-y and less slide-y than jelly. For some reason, we've always bought jelly; I have no idea how we ended up with jam this time, unless Mr. F bought it. Anyway, it got me to wondering, which do people prefer and why, and actually, what's the difference?

In other news, we ran some errands tonight which brought us in the vicinity of one of the two Colorado Krispy Kremes, which is way the hell over on the other side of town and not convenient to go to at all, and which is why I went to it once when it opened years and years ago and have never been back. Mr. F and I were both in the mood for something sweet, and the HOT NOW sign was on, so we thought we'd pop in for a doughnut.

Well, we walked in and the guy just handed us free, piping hot doughnuts, which I did not remember tasting this TOTALLY AWESOME when I had one a million years ago. Man, they get you with that "first one's free," because we ended up buying a dozen to go (one of which was eaten on the way home and NOT BY THE PREGNANT WOMAN.)

In conclusion, YUM.

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Cute blog! Thanks for the link love, and congrats on your upcoming little one!