Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Final update on Steve

As many of you already know, Steve passed away Monday morning, September 21.

There are no words to express the magnitude of this loss. The world is lesser for having lost him; we are better for having known him.

I can't begin to thank all of you for all the support you've given me and my family for the last two years, and especially the last few weeks. You have our deepest gratitude.

I am putting together a memory book of Steve, so if you have any stories or favorite memories of Steve that you'd like to share, please send them to me to be included.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
Clancy called to tell me about Steve's illness and death. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine losing a sibling. Live isn't always fair, is it?
My love to you and your family, especially Fletcher. What a gift to have that darling little boy to cling to at a time like this.
Take good care of yourself.
Cindy Butler