Friday, June 18, 2010

It begins again...Happy 12 Days of My Birthday to Me; Plus: A Surprise!

As many of you know, I like my birthday to be a Big Deal. To that end, each year I often have multiple celebrations of various types – BBQs, drinks with the girls, etc. with the different people in my life. Quite a few years ago, my brother Steve noted this fact and called it “the 12 Days Jennie’s Birthday.” Ever since then, I have continued the grand tradition of the 12 Days of My Birthday, celebrating my frequently as possible with as many of my loved ones as I can in the two weeks surrounding the day itself. There is no set beginning or end and sometimes it’s more than 12 and sometimes less, but it is always wonderful and is my way of fully embracing becoming another year older instead of trying to pretend it’s not happening.

Sadly, this will be the first year since its inception that the 12 Days won’t include a celebration with its inventor, Steve. I am trying not to be sad about that and instead am soldiering on, determined that this year’s 12 Days will be just as grand as they always are.

So tonight kicks off the first of the 12 Days, drinks with my friend Debra at the Cruise Room. And Sunday is a combined Father’s Day/Birthday BBQ with our families. And tomorrow…tomorrow I am doing something but it’s a complete mystery what I’ll actually be doing. You see, my darling cousin H3 has planned for me…A Surprise.

So the other thing many of you know about me is that I Like Surprises. A lot. I am the kid who never once, not ever, peeked at my Christmas presents despite knowing where they were kept. I’ve never so much as peeled back a corner of tape on a gift ahead of time. I like knowing something good is coming, but not exactly what.

I have always really, really wanted someone to throw me a surprise party, but it’s kind of hard to pull that off when I’m always going around telling people it would be okay if they threw me a surprise party this year. But I also love anticipating something, so one of the best things in the world for me is to make plans with me for something like six weeks ahead of time so that I have a whole month and a half to think about it and what I’m going to wear and where we’re going, etc. etc. etc.

Well, at least a month ago, H3 told me she was planning something for my birthday but it was A Surprise. Eee! A Surprise! So I’ve had a whole month of thinking about what it could be. I know almost nothing – she keeps giving me these cryptic clues like what kind of shoes to wear or the fact that I may have to change my clothes but don’t need to bring a change of clothes and that I will be gone from noon until ???. And today she gave me the most intriguing clue of all. She said I would receive a phone call at noon tomorrow with directions and not to dilly dally! Ooh! A Mystery Phone Call…from who? What will they tell me to do? It's like I'm a Birthday Spy.

Seriously, a surprise outing for my birthday…I’m so excited I could wet my pants. I love to plan things and entertain and throw parties and in general do stuff for other people. So when somebody plans something especially for me, I can’t even tell you how much it means. We could be going to the dump tomorrow to pick up old tires for recycling and this would already be the best birthday ever because...A Surprise!

ETA: The surprise was so much fun! We went to an old school beauty salon and got our hair done - but like big giant roller sets under the dryers so we all had huge 60s hair.

Then we went to goodwill and bought crazy clothes to match the crazy hair and went out all dressed up! I looked like a prom queen. It was awesome and I drank too much and had a great time. ♥

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Anonymous said...

OMG you are hilarious and I love the drawn out birthday affair. You are indeed worth 12 or more days in any given month. I'm sorry the great namer o'celebration will not be there physically but in spirit he's already bitching cuz you've exceeded the 12 ~ Susan