Monday, March 7, 2011

Cold. Coldcoldcold. COLD.

Yes, I am cold. SO VERY COLD. I am over the winter. I am over below 60 temps. I am OVER dressing like a clown in my own house just to try and stay warm. Right now I am wearing slippers, socks, sweats, a night gown, a sweatshirt, a giant pink fuzzy bathrobe and a scarf. I have talked Mr. Fantastic to letting me set the thermostat to 70. And I am STILL COLD.

I would also be wearing long underwear if I were not too pregnant for them.

Where is the myth that pregnant women are hot all the time? I WOULD LIKE SOME OF THAT NOW, PLEASE.

I am warm in three locations:
1. In the shower.
2. In bed, but only after I have been running the space heater at 80 for a half hour with the bedroom door closed.
3. At my desk at work, because I sit under a heating vent, wear a blanket on my lap and run an illegal space heater under my desk that the Facilities Police have been grumbling at me about for nine years.

I am now going to sit in front of the t.v. in my clown clothes, wrap up in a comforter and shiver until it's bedtime.

(And when I am bitching about being hot in June, please kindly disregard this note.)

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