Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project: Diet Coke Abatement

We are now two weeks in to Project: Diet Coke Abatement. So far, so good! It hasn’t been too difficult, but maybe that’s because I’m allowing myself one a day instead of going cold turkey.

I think the key has been not to have my one allowed with breakfast. Because if I have it with breakfast, then I know I don’t get anymore the rest of the day and then I get all antsy about it. But if I wait, I feel much more relaxed knowing I can have it any time – and often I end up not having it at all!

Still not sure about giving it up altogether – I have a whole case out in the garage that needs drinkin’. But maybe once I run out of that I’ll wait and see how I do before I buy any more.

Plus, perhaps it’s a coincidence but I’ve lost two pounds since I started this. Not sure that I’ve really seen much difference in my health otherwise besides a general feeling-better. That could be all mental, but whatever works!

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