Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brother update

Just got home from the hospital. Need to try and get some work done but thought I'd update first. Not much change, unfortunately. The doctors have decided not to extubate him today. The CT scan went well but they're worried about his cranial pressure and feel the best way to keep it managed and him calm is to keep him asleep and on the vent. They said maybe tomorrow they'll wake him up. Other than that, not much else. They put some other tube in, down to his stomach to suck anything out of there so it won't accidentally get aspirated to his lungs. He really didn't like when they did that and struggled a lot against the restraints. I can't explain how horrible it is to see him pulling against the restraints, knowing he's somewhat conscious of the breathing tube and now this other one and wanting them out. I kept talking to him, rubbing his arm and shoulder and just trying to get him to relax.

I met the clinical social worker, Mitch, who explained that his role is to help us understand what's going on and make the best decisions for my brother as his advocates. He was great, really sweet and had on a beautiful raspberry-colored button-down that made me like him immediately. He, the nurses and the critical care doc also all really impressed on me that I need to take care of myself and take frequent breaks and get out of the ICU for a while. The nurses keep asking me if I've eaten. I guess they can already tell that I'm a hoverer.

Dad's at the hospital now and I may or may not go back later depending on what I get done this afternoon. As always, please keep us in your thoughts. This is the critical stage right now.

For my reference, his surgeon is Dr. Lamond, his critical care doc is Dr. Sutarik, oncologist is Dr. Jotte.

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