Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quick update on my brother

Thank you all so much for your prayers and good thoughts. My brother made it okay through the surgery yesterday. It took about 6 hours and they removed a tumor the size of a golf ball from the right front side. They've kept him sedated and unconscious and in restraints since the surgery so he won't fight the ventilator. He's away having a CT scan right now to see how things are going and if he's doing all right they should extubate him and let him wake up some time today.

We won't get the biopsy results back until tomorrow at the earliest, more likely it will be Thursday. Apparently brain pathology takes longer. The surgeon told us last night that the tumor looked very agressive and his best guess is that it's a form of melanoma, which is normally associated with skin but can affect the brain as well. They won't talk about any next steps until we get the offical results.

I can't get on the wireless at the hospital which means I can't update and I can't work until I get a wireless card. I'll do that as soon as I can but in the meantime, I'll update again when I have a few minutes to run home like now.

Please keep the good thoughts coming. It's so hard to stay positive when I look at him in that hospital bed, tubes and wires running everywhere, so helpless. So completely different from the sweet, capable, larger-than-life guy I'm used to seeing. He's always taken care of me and it scares me more than I thought possible to see him like this. Thank you guys for everything and please continue to keep us in your thoughts.

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