Saturday, August 4, 2007

Brother update

Quick update on my brother. They extubated him today. YAY! So glad they got that tube out...he was miserable with it. He was awake for a lot of yesterday and just hated being on the machine.

Of course, despite the fact that I asked them to call me before they did it, I got there only to discover they had already done it. Grr. But my brother didn't seem to mind, and we talked, he's already getting his voice back. He says he's feeling pretty good, considering.

And one of the first things he asked me was if it was cancer...I thought he should hear it from a doctor and not me so I told him we weren't sure and were waiting to hear from the doctors. I guess that's kind of chicken of me, but I don't have any answers for him and at least if the doctor tells him, he'll be able to ask questions. But both the surgeon and the critical care doc are gone until Monday.

I told Mitch the Cute Social Worker that my brother had asked. Mitch spoke with the intern and then came in and told my brother that the surgeon would be in on Monday to tell him the results. After Mitch left, my brother looked at me and said, "Well, that doesn't sound good..." So I'm sure he's got an idea but I hope he doesn't worry about it all weekend. But I know I would.

I am really angry with my father right now. Yesterday he was supposed to be off taking care of arrangements for my Grandmother, but he didn't. He went home and got drunk and was completely useless. So today he's trying to get arrangements done for my Grandmother and who knows if he'll go by the hospital at all. When I spoke with him today, he asked why I was unhappy with him and I told him and he said, "Well, I had to decompress." And I'm like, that's great, I'm so happy that YOU got to decompress. Meanwhile, I can't sleep or eat and I'm thinking about seeing if my doctor will prescribe me some valium just so I can keep my shit together. And he's off "decompressing."

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