Friday, September 14, 2007

me me me

Have been very neglectful of my health these last couple of months. I think with everything going on with my brother, I've just let it slip. And man, I didn't realize how much my diet affects how I feel. Especially these last two weeks, I've been feeling significantly run down and unable to focus. I started upping my protein intake yesterday, by adding back the protein shakes I was drinking right after I first had surgery. At 3 months post-op, I quit drinking them because I was allowed to have real food, and I foolishly thought I'd get my recommended minimum 40 grams of protein each day from what I was eating. But I don't really eat that much - even though I eat at 9, 12, 3, 6 and 9, I'm still only eating from 1-3 oz of food. Things like a handful of nuts or a couple slices of deli meat and cheese, etc. I quit logging my food pretty early on (because it's a giant PITA and I assumed I was doing fine) and that was a big mistake.

Plus, I realized yesterday that I was two weeks overdue for my B12 shot, so I hustled off to the doctor to get it, and seriously, within hours I felt completely revitalized. My energy was back and I was able to concentrate on things. I had them call in a prescription for B12 and syringes so I can do it myself each month instead of having to make an appointment (and pay the $20 copay each time!) Dunno what the Rx will cost, but it's worth it. Just making those two changes yesterday have already made me feel a hundred times better. *facepalm*
Note to self: you're no good to anybody if you don't take care of yourself first.

So, ever since the surgery, I've been fiendishly trying to find something to replace my beloved diet Coke. I drink enough water to float a battleship, but sometimes I want something with actual flavor. I think I found my new beverage of choice: V8 Splash Smoothie in Tropical Colada. Yum. It's got soy protein! And tastes good too, without too much sugar. Drinking it feels like vacation!

Speaking of vacation, have I mentioned I'm going to Vegas next weekend? YAY! Mr. F and I are going with some of his family - a few of his mom's English siblings are coming for a visit and we're all going together. Really looking forward to some R&R, pool time and poker.

les petit joies: I am wearing a pair of lounge pants today that I bought, oh, four years ago and have literally never worn because they were too tight and defeated the whole point of being comfy lounge pants. Now, they're too big. The drawstring in the waist is actually functional. *\o/*

Further Note to self: I am NOT starting a companion to les petit joies called ennuis petits (petty annoyances) wherin I bitch about minor things that unreasonably bug the shit out of me, such as the woman I deal with daily via e-mail who signs EVERY SINGLE ONE of her e-mails "Thanks! Have a sunshine day!" Obviously, it's part of her auto-signature, but I think that stupid thing actually removes sunshine from my day.

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