Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Old magazines?

So, I've got a BUNCH of back issues of Martha Stewart Living. Like, oh, five or six years worth. Don't ask me why I kept them, but here they are, a practically complete collection. I want to get rid of them but I hate to throw them away.

Any suggestions about what I should do with them? Would my library want them or something?
I have decided to start something new in my journal: "les petit joies" - the little joys. I want to celebrate and remember the small things that make me happy, that make me feel good, that make me smile. Whether it's to do with weight-loss or work or my brother or Mr. Fantastic or whatever, I want to remind myself that life is about the little things. And that I need to take happiness where I can. When I'm feeling down, I want to be able to take these out and find my smile again.

So, les petit joies for today: I've lost enough weight that my wedding ring fits again. \o/ And, today is day 2 of chemo for my brother and so far, he's doing really great - much, much better than we expected. Yay!

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