Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yay! And boo.

How is it possible I'm this bored watching a cowboy movie starring both Christian Bale and Russell Crowe?

In other news, the nice lady at the gym did my measurements yesterday and did some calculations and stuff for me. Since November 29 (last time we did measurements), I've lost 8 pounds and a collective 6.5 inches from various body parts. Yay!

Also, my body fat percentage went down from 41.4 to 39.1. At first I was horrified to realize that I'm nearly half fat! OMG, cringe cringe. However, apparently 30% is average so it's much less horrifying than I originally thought.

And then she used math to figure out somehow that the 8 pounds I lost was all fat, which, also yay. Then she used the evil math to tell me that out of the 180 pounds of me, 71 of it is fat. OMG, horrifying again.

Can we make 41-35-41 the new 36-24-36? 'Cause then I'd be perfect.

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