Monday, January 7, 2008

State of the weight

La la, time to talk about my weight some more. As of today I've lost 85 pounds. Yay!

That puts me 65% of the way to my goal. Ideally, I'd like to lose another 45, but it can take up to two years to get all the way to goal. Plus, I plan on getting pregnant as soon as Dr. Snyder says it's okay, which is a year after surgery. So it may be some time before I'm all the way there. At a year out, which is April 3, the surgeon's goal is for me to be anywhere from 70-85% of the way, or around 155 at 85%. That means I've got 13 weeks to lose 25 pounds. Think I can do it? For the last three months, I've averaged about 1.2 pounds a week. But half that time I wasn't exercising. So if I'm really good and go to the gym three times a week religiously and get back to the rules of my eating plan, I think it's doable.

Also, as part of the returning-things-after Christmas spree, I exchanged something I got for a new pair of jeans. In a size 16! HOORAY! Mr. Fantastic didn't understand why I was so excited about it so I had to explain that 16 is the top end of the non-plus sizes, and it sort of marks the start of the transition from fat girl to normal-size. And he was like, "Oh! Well, welcome to regular-girl pants!"

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