Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Well. Not a good time of year for actors, apparently. Actor Heath Ledger dies at 28

Took my dad to see Atonement this evening. We went to this new theater near his house, where we got drinks and snacky things and free popcorn. All around good time, and we liked the movie. It was a bit slow at times but very lush and beautiful and also made me love James McAvoy a little bit.

Before the movie, I stopped by Mummy Fantastic's to check how's she's doing after her fall this weekend. Thankfully, she seems well. Did have to get 7 stitches in her hand but she was in good spirits and said it wasn't bothering her. Poor thing, though, needs to be more careful!

Ooh, and also, I want one of these: Happy Cakes

ETA: Oh, I forgot - at the movie today, we saw a trailer for Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, which looks awesome and also includes Lee Pace speaking with an English accent. Everybody wins!


Fred Blogs said...

Well the bra does wonders 4u, maybe it's someone else me thinks, you might try the space cakes though man / WO-man! By the way I thought my book list and film list were small or can't you be bothered too much with that either.

Enjoy your holiday and look after the babies, take care of your A'peny me mum always said to me sister when we were just a poor east end family.

JFar said...

@fred blogs:
Well, hi. Where did you come from? Also, what are space cakes?

Fred Blogs said...

Came from my mums A'penny, east end of London, England. Now in Amsterveen (near Amsterdam NL)

Space cakes are made from dope, they make you happy too!

Missing the cinema at the mo, but might catch up on those films. I want to see JUMPER which has only been here for a few days.