Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend recap (and some other stuff)

Phew! What a weekend. Very busy. To recap, Friday night was my cousins' birthday so a bunch of us went out to celebrate. We went to the Peaks Lounge, this great place at the top of the Hyatt by the convention center with a fabulous view of the mountains. And then we went to see Patsy Decline at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret. The show was really fun and humourous. I think my cousins had a great birthday celebration.

Then on Saturday our friends came over for dinner and brought their 8-month-old daughter, Georgia. She's the cutest thing ever. She has red hair. Like real red hair, not the strawberry blonde you see on babies sometimes. Anyway, it was really nice to hang out with our friends and chat, and we played a game and played with the baby. And btw, Mr. Fantastic + baby = OTP. He is SO ready for us to have kids and he's so great with them. Well, we're going to start trying mid-March so hopefully I'll have an exciting announcement soon.

Sunday we went up to Ft. Morgan for our nephew's tenth birthday. Had lunch and then everybody went bowling. Haven't been bowling in ages but it was so much fun! And I scored a 99, which was better than Mr. Fantastic, which is the only thing that counts. Heh. And Mr. Fantastic's brother and his wife paid for everything, which I thought was really cool.

While we were on the drive up, we got a call that Mummy Fantastic had tripped over something in the basement and cut her hand and torqued her knee and had to go to the e/r. Poor thing needed stitches and everything and couldn't make it up for bowling. I think she's mostly doing fine, but if I can ever get my act together today, I'll go over and visit her.

Luckily today is a Corporate Holiday and so I get the day off to lounge around. If it was nice out, I'd be lounging around in my underwear. But since it's not, I'm lounging around in my long underwear. Not quite as fun.

And, here's some other stuf...


Hey, are you reading xkcd? You should be.


So, I know I've mentioned Scientology briefly before and you all know how absolutely NUTS I think it is. Here, you want proof? (As if the fact that it was originally created as fiction and features an alien named Xenu at its core isn't enough.) Check out the Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination video.


FYI, these are the shows I'm watching right now. Please feel free to come by if you'd like to discuss any of them.
Big Medicine
Biggest Loser: Couples
Celebrity Apprentice
Celebrity Rehab
Friday Night Lights
My Fair Brady: Maybe Baby?
The Office
Project Runway
Real World/Road Rules
Stargate Atlantis
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Three Sheets

God, I watch too much t.v. And I'm fairly certain I've left something out. *facepalm*

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