Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've been caucused!

I have returned from being caucused.

What I like about the caucus is that instead of going in a little booth and casting your vote in private, you actually stand up to be counted. Literally. Once everyone's all signed in, you go to where your precinct is grouped and you stand with the others who support your candidate. Based on the number of people in my precint who showed up, we were allowed a total of ten delegates. Obama got 7 and Clinton got 3. Early reports are showing Obama is leading Colorado with 65%. \o/

Apparently the caucus took longer than they anticipated because I guess about four times as many people showed up this time compared to the last caucus 4 years ago. I think Democrats are going to show up in record numbers to vote this year.

It was really fun, educational, and inspirational to be part of the process and I'm glad I went. Looking forward to the Democratic National Convention, which comes to my hometown of Denver this year.

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