Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swimsuit acheived! And, VACATION!

Okay, vacation first - Mr. Fantastic and I finally got our trip planned. We're going to Puerto Vallarta from the 23rd to the 29th. YAY! I'm so excited for palm trees and ocean and beach and pina coladas. Mmm.

Speaking of the beach, I have found a swimsuit! Hallelujah!

And I actually like it, not just tolerate it as I have with so many swimsuits in the past. I gotta say, it's not half bad. Black on the bottom with an animal-print over the top. I got it at the lingerie store where I buy my special (read = honking expensive) 34H bras - Le Soutien. Suit wasn't too awfully expensive - only about $90, and I was prepared to pay $130. Got a wrap to go with that was on sale for $18, marked down from like $50. The best part is, it's sized like a bra and has adjustable straps and underwires, so it feels as good as wearing my regular bra. Lots of support and the back comes up pretty high so I don't have the back fat hanging out. I'm extremely pleased.

I can finally look forward to a vacation that requires a swimsuit instead of dreading it like usual. I'm totally psyched!

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