Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on my brother: NED

No, not my brother Ned, my brother Steve. But NED is what they called him at our oncologist appointment on Tuesday. NED means No Evidence of Disease - and is as close as they'll come to saying he's cured of the cancer. So, yay! NED FTW. *\o/* He'll still have to have follow ups every three months for the next while to make sure nothing pops up, but this is excellent news.

Tuesday was a busy day. We also saw the infection guy and they took out the PICC line and declared him over the mysterious infection. And we saw the thorassic surgeon who said everything's healing fine and he hopes to never see us again. (That's apparently a surgeon joke.)

Still have a couple more doctor's appointments coming up, with the brain surgeon and the case manager, but in general, things are looking great. Things are really, really great.

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