Saturday, May 10, 2008

Iron Man

Saw Iron Man. LOVED IT.

Seriously, it had some problems but I DIDN'T CARE. I'm a total sucker for big hardware. I love explosions and battles and things that fly and Iron Man had all of that. And it had a cleaned-up version of Robert Downey Jr. who was HOT LIKE FIRE. Yum.

So, yes, a couple of problems - [SPOILER ALERT] (highlight to read) the plot was a bit predictable, the explanation about the heart thing didn't make sense later, because they said it would take a week to kill him and then when the bad guy stole it, Stark was immediately feeling the effects. I tried to chalk it up to the pain he must obviously be experiencing. And at the end, it took Stane exactly no time to figure out how to use the super-suit when it took Stark a good while to master his. [/SPOILER]

Other than that, I was completely GLEEFUL through the entire thing. There was much squeeful bouncing and clapping and intent starting at the screen.

RDJ was totally hot, he looks so good now. And he got seriously ripped for this part - his arms and chest looked fantastic. And can we talk about the Iron Man suit? The suit fucking ROCKED. All the versions of it - and that's something else I really loved, watching him make each version. Again, geek for hardware. And his awesome computer system/CAD/butler/AI thingy was super cool. Gwyneth Paltrow didn't bug me at all, Jeff Bridges was great, and I suprisingly adored Terrence Howard as Tony Stark's buddy/mentoree, Jim Rhodes.

For your Iron Man needs, check out Inside The Suit. It's an LG phone promo, but if you enter the code LG883, you can access some nifty extras - video, stills, wallpapers, etc. Plus, I entered the contest to win the cool Iron Man phone.

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