Thursday, June 19, 2008

Because of science

Now that I think about it, I can't believe how quickly I got pregnant. No, seriously, because of the PCOS we had really resigned ourselves to it taking at least six months.

I know I need not remind you of my temperature charting obsession. I was just now looking at the spreadsheet (shut up) to remind myself of exactly how pregnant I am (21 or 22 days) and realized that I got pregnant either the second or third time we "tried." !!! I'm amazed! And now I just keep remembering Heidi telling me it would happen sooner than I thought it would because I was being so obsessive and scientific about charting and trying on the right days and everything.

We even did a dry run in April - I had gone off birth control but was advised by my OBGYN and surgeon to use an alternate method for April while my body cleared the hormones. Anyway, starting in April, I was charting obsessively to get into the habit and to get an idea of the pattern I should look for in May when we went prime time.

And whammo, right out of the gate! Who knew all that crazy science stuff actually worked?

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