Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby, baby.

Okay, could we be any schmoopier about this? Heh. Mr. Fantastic calls me "baby" a lot, only now he's taken to calling me "baby baby" - one for me, one for the peanut. And when I kiss him, I do it twice - one from me, one from peanut.

I told him to say hi to the baby so he put his face near my tummy and said, "Hi baby!" And I said, "Honey, it's a bundle of cells 1/100th of an inch big. You're going to have to talk louder than that." So then he smashed his face into my tummy and said, "Mmph mmm-mmph!" Hee.

This afternoon, Mr. F was musing aloud how things were going to be at 7 months, meaning how it's been one day since we found out and we've already gone through a whole gamut of emotions from excitement to apprehension and everything in between. But I thought he meant how I was going to be, how our relationship was going to be and I said, "You mean when I'm cranky and fat and have to pee every 5 seconds?" and without missing a beat he said, "How is that different from now?" It's funny when it's true.

And he keeps touching my stomach a lot, which is seriously the cutest thing ever and makes me go all goofy(er) every time he does it.

Please tell me everyone is as dorky as us when they first find out.

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