Monday, June 16, 2008

And so the 12 Days of My Birthday begin!

Yes, if you're a longtime reader, you will recall that 'round about this time every year, we start the twelve days of my birthday, wherein I have somehow wrangled my loved ones into celebrating my birthday numerous times over about a two week period.

So Saturday was the Fantastic Family birthday BBQ - Mr. Fantastic's birthday is on the 24th, mine's this Friday on the 20th - so every year we have a combined family BBQ to celebrate our birthdays. We had a wonderful time at Mummy Fantastic's, BBQ'd steaks and corn and had ice cream cake and got pressies. One of my brothers couldn't be there and one of Mr. F's brothers and his family couldn't be there, so we missed those guys, but it was still great.

Got some nice gifts, including movies passes and a gift card to PF Chang's and t-shirts with names of our fantasy football teams on them. And Mummy Fantastic gave us each $100 cash for our upcoming trip to Vegas. All in all, a great start to birthday season! Happy 29v6th birthday to me!

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