Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bun, meet oven.

So I had my annual gyno appointment today. Was very routine, discussing the usual stuff with the nurse, Tiffany, and mentioned that hubby and I were trying for a baby. She did her thing, blood pressure, height (still only 5'1"...guess I should stop hoping for that 6 inch growth spurt!) etc.

Then Dr. Murahata came in and we chatted for a bit and it occured to me that I should ask for a pregnancy test, even though we've only been "trying" for a short time and my PCOS makes it hard for me to get pregnant, so it would be highly unlikely that I actually was. But I figured, I'm here, we might as well, right? So Dr. M stuck her head into the hall and told Tiffany to do the test before she tossed my sample. Dr. M & I chatted a few minutes about health history and all that normal stuff.

Then Tiffany came back in and changed my life.

She had this huge smile on her face and was sort of tiptoeing in, carrying this little plastic rectangle in her hand. She grinned at me and chirped, "It's positive!" and showed me the two little lines. My heart stopped for a minute and I started doing that simultaneous laughing/crying thing and actually clapped my hand over my mouth to keep in the near-hysterical giggles.
"You're kidding! Oh my god, I totally didn't expect this!" I laughed and Dr. M laughed too, saying, "We can tell!" because I was so obviously bowled over by the news. And then I asked if there was any way if it could be a mistake and she said no because of when I'd had my last temperature spike*. I was so excited I had to pee, even though I'd just peed in a little cup for Tiffany. (I pray this peeing thing is not an indicator of things to come but oh, basically everyone tells me it is. Sigh.)

It turns out that I'm like, two weeks pregnant or something, but thanks to my handy little temperature spreadsheet, I can probably tell you on which exact day I conceived. So right now that means the baby, which I have been calling in my head "the peanut" since April when we got serious about it, is actually nowhere near as big as an actual peanut. Rather, it's just a clump of cells and looks like something you'd find in a petri dish. Actually, it prolly is something you'd find in a petri dish.

I got dressed and made my appointment for my first ultrasound - July 15th. We'll know for sure then when I conceived and what the due date is. I had all these other errands to run after but I was so excited I went straight home to tell Mr. Fantastic. He happened to be home from work today, so he was there when I got in. He was on his way to the bathroom and I just said, "Honey, guess what!" before we'd even said hi. He kissed me hello and then asked what and I told him.
He was as shocked as I was and didn't say anything for a second - then he just grabbed me in this huge hug and kissed me. And then he said things like "You're kidding!" and "This is so cool!" and "Oh, wow, I'm going to be someone's dad," and stuff like that.

Also, I happened to have a home pregnancy test under the bathroom sink, so just to be extra sure, I took it. That second little blue line popped up right away, clear and bright as possible - no faint line to make us unsure. I dunno why I felt compelled to take it - it's not like I don't trust the doc's office; more that I can't believe it happened so quickly and that I didn't trust my body to make it this easy.

Because of the PCOS, Mr. Fantastic and I have talked a lot about what we'd do if we didn't conceive naturally within the first six months. At 35, I'm already a borderline high-risk pregnancy and the PCOS just makes it worse. So we've talked about the whole range of things to do to get a baby, from adoption to IVF to taking fertility drugs. I was already so prepared for there to be problems, it almost didn't occur to me that I might get pregnant without intervention! Who knew.

It is still sinking in and I know a million things can go wrong but it's going to be so hard not to tell EVERYONE! I wanted to wait until I was through the first trimester. However, I'm pretty sure we're going to have to tell soon because we're going to Vegas with Mr. Fantastic's family and my brother Steve next week and his mother at least will wonder why I'm not having a pina colada at the pool! And I can't wait to tell my cousin Heidi (aka H3), who is due Christmas Eve - we both wanted so much to be pregnant together and now we get our wish!

I'm off now to go buy my copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting and maybe one of those Hitchiker's Guide to Babies kind of thing that says "Don't Panic!" on the back for Mr. Fantastic.

*Yes, I've been obsessive about getting pregnant literally since the day I went off birth control back in April. I knew the PCOS was going to make sprogging a challenge so I wanted to do everything I could to help. Anyway, for those not in the know, you have a temperature drop right before and then a spike right after you ovulate. It's supposed to tell you the best days to do the deed. Guess my scientific method helped out after all! And now I can stop being on hold for that fertility-diet book at the library that I've been waiting two months for.

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