Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend update

Phew! What a busy weekend.

~ Thursday, played poker with Vader and our friends Daniel and Jesse stopped by. Was great to see all of them. Haven't been playing much poker lately...just not as fun as it used to be. Now I mostly go to socialize and the poker is secondary. It's funny - I hang out with Vader a lot and everybody tends to think we're dating. One of the guys at the poker table started to tell me he thought I was pretty and then stopped and apologized to Vader for basically hitting on his girlfriend, and Vade was like, "No, no, it's okay, dude - I mean, she's married, just not to me!" and then he looks at me and says, "OMG, if we keep hanging out, I am never getting laid." Lulz!

~ Friday, went to cousin H1's where her in-laws, who have a spa in Larkspur, come up a couple times a month and do a spa day at her house. So I got a hot stone facial, which was excellent. If you've never done it, you should. Now I want to get a whole hot stone body massage. I was so relaxed after the facial, I can't imagine how I'd feel after the massage. Anyway, H & T actually went to the Rockies game but I stayed and had dinner with the 'rents and the twins and T's cousin, which was a lot of fun. I think I got my first mosquito bite in years, but it was worth it sitting out in the back yard having a glass of wine and chatting. Oh, and I got to meet their new puppy, Jax, who is an 11 week old Shiba Inu and quite possibly the cutest dog I have ever seen in my life.

~ Saturday I went to cousin H3's and we went to this flea-markety thing which was lame but we also had lunch which was good. Then we went to her house and she showed me her kitchen remodel plans - their house is gorgeous to begin with, but the kitched was outdated. The new kitchen is going to be so cool. And then we ended up in her closet having me try on a bunch of her dresses because I've had no luck finding a dress for my upcoming trip to Vegas with Mr. F, a bunch of his family and my brother Steve. Anyway, she had this one adorable dress in a size 12 that I didn't want to try on because I thought it would be too small, but she forced me to try it on anyway because it's so cute - and it was too big! No so big that I can't get away with wearing it, but still, I was shocked that I fit into it. Still have some body dysmorphia going on, I guess. I ended up with three dresses and another outfit that she's letting me borrow and I am so excited! For once I'm going to look cute in Vegas. And she's all excited for me to wear her dresses because, as I have mentioned, she is knocked up and won't be wearing them for a while. Oh - that reminds me, her due date is Christmas Eve - the same birthday as Steve!

Then after I got home from H3's, I went and met H & T and Co at the People's Fair. Always good fun, food, people watching. And I just live a few blocks away so I was able to avoid the parking hassle and just walk down to meet them. And H and I got matching mendhi on our ankles - the Japanese symbol for happiness. Now I have an idea if I want to get a tatto there or not. (I'm thinking prolly not. I should take a picture and see what you think.)

~ Sunday I spent the day with Steve and Dad. We had lunch and then went and tried out Steve's new Wii. It was excellent fun! If I was ever going to allow a video game in my house, it would be the Wii. We did all sorts of games - tennis, bowling, boxing, baseball, etc. I absolutely loved the boxing; Dad prefers the bowling. And there was some awesome slasher game called No More Heroes which was incredibly complicated but totally sweet. Ooh, and we did Guitar Hero, which Steve rocked and I TOTALLY sucked at. Failed every song I tried. I did kick his ass at the boxing, though. Lots of fun.

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