Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic Con

Hi hi hi! I'm back (again - seems like I just got back from another vacation!). Comic Con was excellent fun and I had a really great time, although I was basically exhausted the whole time and in bed asleep by ten PM. While it was fun to go to the panels and visit the exhibit hall and see San Diego and everything, I think my favorite part was getting to meet so many of my friends from online in person.

Got into town Wednesday and headed over to the convention center to pick up our badges. The line was HUGE! It was so long it snaked around a whole bunch outside and ended up going around the back of the convention center so far that we'd have been better off heading in the opposite direction to get to the end. Fortunately it moved very quickly and we were proly in line only 30-40 min.

Thursday we went to the Stan Lee, Dr. Who and Torchwood panels. Those were interesting and I was highly entertained by Stephen Moffat, the new Dr. Who writer. The moderators kept telling people not to ask questions that were basically, "Can you tell us what's going to happen in the upcoming season?" and which people kept finding ways to ask using different words. And when they did, Stephen Moffat just kept saying, "I'M NOT TELLING YOU!" Sadly, no Who cast, just the director/producer lady and the writer.

But for Torchwood, we got the two from the Dr. Who panel (because they do Torchwood too) as well as John Barroman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Naoko Mori, all three of which are my favorites, so yay. Barrowman was awesome and absolutely as dirty as you would expect from him. I love that he's so big, so larger-than-life and so unashamed to just be who he is. It was a joy to watch.

Friday was Stargate day. We met up with a bunch of the gang - thankfully some of them had gotten there earlier than we managed to and so we scored not only breakfast pastries but also a great place in line and consequently great seats in the hall. The SG-1/Continuum panel had everybody - RDA, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Ben Browder, Chris Judge and Beau Bridges, as well as Brad Wright and Martin Wood (who I love.) It was fabulous to see RDA, especially since he never goes to these things. I do loves me some MacGyver. They mostly talked about being in Antarctica and frozen poo and it was great to see their genuine affection for each other. After the Continuum panel was the Stargate Worlds panel, which is for an upcoming MMORPG and as such, I didn't really care too much about.

Then it was time for the Stargate Atlantis panel, *\o/*! Sadly, no David Hewlett this year, but I coped by staring excessively at Joe Flanigan. Also on the panel were Jewel Staite (who is always so lovely), Robert Picardo (who cracked me up!), Brad Wright and some SciFi channel lady who barely (possibly never?) spoke. And the panel was moderated by the darling and talented Martin Gero <3. Joss Whedon but which awesomely turned out to be the Dr. Horrible panel. So we not only got Joss and all his co-writers on Dr. Horrible, but also NPH, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. Quite possibly, this was my favorite panel of the con. My crush on NPH is stronger than ever (and sadly, his being gay does nothing to dispel that - possibly makes it even worse) and oh my god, Nathan Fillion is a bigger ham than Shatner, people. He was fantastic and they were all funny and if you haven't seen Dr. Horrible yet, you shoud do so posthaste.

Thursday night about 12 of us went to this place called Extraordinary Desserts and shared some delicious desserts and tea and sat around and talked. I think that was my favorite evening. Friday was the slashers dinner which had great food by Buca di Beppo and great company but could've done with a better banquet room. Saturday Stacey and I had dinner at Ruth's Chris and watched Friday's episode of Atlantis. In between all of that, we spent a lot of time wandering around the exhibit hall and taking pictures and in general being geeks. All in all, a really fun, exciting weekend and I'm so happy I was able to go.

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