Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi from PeanutLand!

Had my first official appointment with Dr. Murahata, my OBGYN, today. We did the first ultrasound and it was so exciting!

There is nothing like seeing that little peanutty shape on the monitor…and even better, watching the little flutter of the heart as it beats a mile a minute. I started crying when I saw it (big surprise there!)

Got some great pictures of peanut – I can't believe how much s/he looks like a little baby already! No tail anywhere. I swear, they are the cutest pictures of a fetus you've ever seen. Mr. Fantastic couldn't come with me today, so the tech typed in "Hi Daddy" on one of the pics for him. Aww. Seriously, cutest thing ever. Oh my god, now I totally understand people and their baby pictures. If I'm this bad now, I shudder to think what I'll be like when the baby's out here with me!

There is also a blobby thing accompanying the peanut right now – that is the yolk sack which is what feeds him/her until the placenta is established, and then it goes away. So at least little Peanut is not alone in there – it's like a nutritional teddy bear!

In other news, my neck is less pimply but that's only because my forehead is more pimply. This is not an improvement.

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