Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Incompetent? Surely it's just a little lazy.

Next appointment is with Dr. M on Aug. 13, and then I have an appointment on the 14th for early screening tests with Dr. Wexler of Genassist. That's just to do the risk analysis of genetic defects, etc. although I dunno why Dr. M is sending me there instead of doing it herself.

Perhaps it's because of my ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE, which, OMG, I'm only 35, people! I'm not ancient. But isn't it funny (read: supremely insulting) the names they come up with for things related to pregnancy?

For example, I have a friend who was recently locked up in the hospital on 8 weeks bed rest due to INCOMPETENT CERVIX. Really all this means is that her cervix is thinning and shortening (dilating) before it should. And apparently they think the baby will just fall out or something if she stands up for more than the time it takes to walk to the bathroom. (Seriously, she has to shower sitting down.)

Even worse, however, than INCOMPETENT CERVIX, is what I found out when I was visiting this friend in the hospital. Another visitior showed up while I was there, a neighbor of hers who is also recently pregnant, and was telling me that she's had several miscarriages and hadn't yet had a pregnancy make it to three months. And so she is labeled in her charts as a CHRONIC ABORTER.

I...seriously? CHRONIC ABORTER? That makes her sound like a 20-year-old crackwhore who can't be bothered with contraceptives. It not like she does it on purpose.

In other news, the peanut is growing bones and teeth this week, and is also about the size of a prune, although my book assures me much less wrinkly. Also, if Peanut is a boy, he is already producing testosterone. You know, that explains a lot.

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